Soul Expression Paintings

Soul Expression Paintings

Dreaming a New Life Into Being

An empowering shamanic art intensive 
with Soul Expression Guide Jennifer Schildknecht

 A Soul Expression painting experience is a creative and beautiful way to reconnect with all versions of your Child-Self, to find the places where you are blocking your own light, and begin creating your best possible reality

I will be your Soul Expression Guide for this journey, your intermediary between past, present and future, between this world and the world of spirit.
We will work together to help you to recognize your own truth.

A Soul Expression painting is beautiful, powerful and inspiring work of art that connects you with your Higher Self and all of your other selves across time ---past, present and future--- helping you to recognize your wholeness, your sovereignty, your courage and insight, showing you the brilliance of your now, and what’s to come

The cost for your own amazing piece of one of a kind Soul Expression art?

$600 includes one hour of one-on-one phone/Skype time, in which we’ll discuss your intentions for your painting, and your completed 16x20 ready-to-hang Soul Expression Painting, which contains layers upon layers of intention, prayer, and Love, all topped with a Soul portrait of your Child-Self.

If your piece brings up issues that you’d like to address further, I offer Soul Expression Guide sessions at a special rate just for you. You can learn more about my Soul Expression Guide coaching practice at

This work is deep, intense, and intensely cathartic.   
It requires a commitment of time and energy to the process.

Please contact me at with questions, or to schedule your Soul Expression painting.

For a similar work, without a portrait, that can also be given as a gift, please see Soul Expression Intention Paintings here.

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