Soul Intention Paintings

Soul Intention Paintings
Great for gifts, or for couples

What better way to share your hopes, wishes, dreams and deepest desires with your loved ones than through a personalized Intention Painting from Moon Mama?

Send me a letter detailing your heart-felt wishes for the recipient, preferably hand-written, but typed or scanned and printed will do just fine.
Also email me a clear photo of the recipient, if you choose to include a portrait.
Of course you can let me know if you'd prefer to use real-live post to send these items to me.

The first thing I'll do is perform Reiki on the canvas itself, infusing it with powerful energy and love.
Your letter will then be adhered to the canvas (don't worry; it won't be visible. You can feel free to share from your heart without reservation!), then I'll set the intention that your love and your wishes will be conveyed to the recipient of the painting.
I'll collage beautiful papers over your letter, followed by a layer of paint, and finish as I'm inspired, or
with the portrait of your loved one.

Prices are for a one person painting.
Add $50 for each additional person included in your painting.

Pricing is for a gallery-wrapped (ready to hang) canvas

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